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A Sci Fi Pocket Novel of Social Injustice, Redempt
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“A truth hidden for centuries. A society ripped apart. Mankind faces annihilation.” Of Beasts and Men is the debut novel of Anike Kirsten; a story of social injustice and equilibrium. A break-through hard sci fi title of inequity, genetic manipulation, and cybernetic technology, from the perspective of an aggressor. A must-read in today's current socio-political affairs. Of Beasts and Men is a dystopian hard science fiction pocket-novel that deals with social injustices, the consequence of reckless genetic engineering, and clandestine politics; through the perspective of a privileged person. A novel that blends together the ideas of Diaspora by Greg Egan and that of Conditioned Response by Majorie F. Baldwin. “On a distant planet - where literature rules the economy, cybernetic technology flourishes, and one race oppresses the other - Gliese Libra, a Librarian of considerable influence, must find understanding and equilibrium, through conflicts of identity, interest, and existence, to save humanity from annihilation. Gliese is pulled into a war fought in the shadows, between humanity and its oppressors. Along with Albert Hollows, a human and forerunner for the Insurgency, Gliese uncovers truths of her race; truths of their planet and their biology. But nothing is ever as it seems.” Discrimination and expectation affects us all on a day-to-day basis.Whether it's race, [badword! - you're reported!], gender, religion; we feel the brunt of the oppressed echoing through our society. Yet, there is little we do about it. There's always some sort of ex