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investor chicken business
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we do supply chicken processing eguipments in abundance and at affordable rate especially for beginners of the chicken farm business. equipments include 4 FOOT KILLING CONE RACK . 6 FOOT EVISCERATION RACK , 6 FOOT KILLING CONE RACK , ASHLEY KILL CONE RACK , KILL CONE BROILER , KTCS KILLING CABINET etc to name a few website.  onepoultrysupplies. c o m

R1,000.00 ZAR

Livestock. Goats (Boar, Merino, Kalahari red, Ewes
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Contact me for fast supplies of Livestock. Goats (Boar, Merino, Kalahari red, Ewes, Sheep, Sanen), Pigs/Piglets, Chicken (Day old, fattened, Fresh eggs, fertile eggs and more). Cows and animal feed.   Our location is very accessible for pickups and deliveries. Large stock available with reasonable discount rates for large demands.

$3,000.00 USD

Counter Poaching Training (SAVE WILDLIFE)
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We provide AntiPoaching and CounterPoaching training. All male and females between 18-40 are welcome to join. We train in the African bush. We sleep under the stars. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Contact us at rare@acpf. co. za