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Website development, hosting, Hack fixes

Good day Reader. MindTag is here to help you with your general Website and Domain needs. We deal with the following website needs: Domain registration: From R150 per year, depending what extension you need. Hosting: From R39 per month or R429 per Year. Website Development From R3000 for HTML Websites. From R8000 for Wordpress Websites. From R10,000 for PHP Websites. Hack Fixes: Including making sure [See Seller Info in Sidebar] hasn't deactivated your Website, Also free if hosting with MindTag. From R1,200 per Website, depending on how badly hacked the Website is. [See Seller Info in Sidebar] support: Included with hosting. Help with setting up emails, help getting emails sending and receiving. From R349 per hour of support needed. For more information, feel free to check out the MindTag website at: [See Seller Info in Sidebar] ://[See Seller Info in Sidebar] .mindtag[See Seller Info in Sidebar].za

Hack Fixing, Hosting, Website Development R4,000.00 ZAR