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Covid-19 News Covid-19 News

The provincial command council on Covid-19 is concerned about bringing a million more learners to schools in the wake of the increase in infections, Premier David Makhura said yesterday. “We are concerned about adding a big number of learners because our system is okay with the Grades 7 and 12 at the moment. We are managing that risk at that level, and we are worried about the way we want to bring more learners. It may just put more pressure on what the system is able to carry at the moment,” he said. Only Grades R, 6, and 11 would return to school on Monday. We trust that the learning returning to schools will do their utmost best to keep social distancing and do not take of their masks at any time. We spoke to one of the schools about grades going back on Monday and this is what they had to say: "It is impossible to give you a 100% assurance that your child cannot be infected, we all go to town for much needed shopping, which means it has been exposed to the virus. Like many other schools, we have the necessary arrangements in place to try to combat the identification of the virus and keep it out of our school. We have until now had no cases at our school. For learners to come into our green area, they should always wear a mask, regularly sanitize hands, maintain 1.5 meters between each other and they do not have the symptoms of covid 19. If a learner becomes ill at school, we immediately remove such a learner to an isolation room and call the parents. We are very strict with learners at this stage and they really adhere to it. 23 of the 30 teachers are on site every day to make sure learners keep the distance and apply the rules. We will go through all with the learners on Monday and explain, letter will go home to reassure parents and explain how we will work. Please do not worry, our learners' health is a priority. We will do everything in our power to protect them and our community." Pieter de Bruin

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South Africa Business Rankings South Africa Business Rankings

South Africa Business Rankings South Africa ranks 94 out of 162 countries and territories according to their economic system. Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) index measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries support economic freedom. In 2000, South Africa ranked 46th in the world, which meant being in the top 30% of economically free countries. Not only was it high on the index, but it was rising, destined to be one of the world’s freest and thus most prosperous countries. U nfortunately, instead of building on its post-apartheid achievement, SA started sliding down the rankings and is now in the bottom 40%. This means that South Africans now have less economic freedom than they had gained by 2000. Sliding down the index condemns countries to lower incomes, greater poverty, more inequality, reduced life expectancy, fewer political rights and liberties and bleak prospects for the quality of life. However, Its Time. South Africans can turn it around. Watch this space come 2019! News Man

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BP and Pick ń Pay join hands with Smart Shopper BP and Pick ń Pay join hands with Smart Shopper

Pick n Pay Smart Shoppers will now get back 20 cents in points for every litre petrol purchased at BP. The offer will last until the end of March, after which consumers will earn 10 cents per litre. The savings can only be spent at Pick n Pay stores, but plans are underway to expand to BP fuel stations as well. Pick n Pay Smart Shoppers will get back 20 cents in points per litre petrol purchased at BP fuel stations, the retailer announced on Thursday The offer, effectively immediately, will last until the end of March, after which consumers will earn 10 cents per litre of petrol, which they’ll only be able to spend at Pick n Pay stores. Newsman

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