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Broadly speaking, the word “elocution” refers to one’s manner of speaking or oral delivery. Elocution is particularly used in reference to an orator’s manner of speech when speaking or reading aloud in public. Elocution can also refer to the study of proper public speaking, with particular attention paid to pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone. The Elocution Course I provide covers all of the above and more as described below: Elocution encompasses a number of important principles. These are commonly considered to be articulation, inflection, accent, voice, and gesture. Articulation refers to the speech sounds and their proper pronunciation. Inflection refers to the pitch or tone of the orator’s voice, and the modulation of these. Accent refers to the emphasis placed on a particular syllable, word, or phrase, in comparison to the lack of emphasis on other surrounding syllables or parts of the sentence. In terms of elocution, accent does not indicate any written marking or regional pronunciation of a particular language. Voice refers particularly to the quality, clarity and effectiveness of that which is being spoken or expressed. Gesture, of course, refers to any movement of the body that accompanies a spoken word, particularly a movement designed to emphasize or aid in the communication of the spoken word. SKYPE LESSONS AVAILABLE Email: barbara@biebie[See Seller Info in Sidebar] to book your course today! Biebie Productions: [See Seller Info in Sidebar] s://[See Seller Info in Sidebar] .facebook[See Seller Info in Sidebar] /Biebie-Productions-1595233387395913/?ref=hl

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Learn how to do voice overs? Learn how to do voice overs?

Maybe you've been told what a great voice you have or saw an article about being a voice talent or have a friend who's done it and wondered how you can do it too. Your voice is the engine that does all the work. If you have a long sentence, there is the danger of running out of breath, and that wouldn't be good. Which is why this course teaches you much more than just acting and performance styles. Mastering Voice-overs, concentrates on the most valuable asset any voice over artist can have—control of your vocal instrument. Discover the secrets of breathing and voice production that all top-flight professionals use to win their auditions and deliver effortless reads. Get introduced to the magic of ?Day Voice? And the relationship between voice development and career success. And, I'll also teach you how to dramatically improve your phrasing, ace your cold readings and how to sound fresh even on your twenty-second take.   SKYPE LESSONS AVAILABLE

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Learn how to communicate better and increase your Learn how to communicate better and increase your

In the 9 years I have been running Biebie productions, I have had ample students who require adequate communication skills predominantly regarding how to speak correctly. If you are looking to increase your career options and your speech is holding you back, I can help. I do have a 100% success rate on this course, and have references upon references to prove how valuable this course is.   Course Outline: · How to develop your voice using posture, relaxation + breathing; · <span style="font-size: 1

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Email Etiquette Skills Email Etiquette Skills

Email is currently the most used communication channel in the business environment. Email etiquette encompasses a set of rules indicating effective, proper and polite ways to behave when using email to communicate. This workshop will teach you the rules regarding how messages should look and what they should contain. Outcomes: Employ effective email etiquette Reply to emails according to organisational standards Learn to structure an email Understanding what an email should contain Course Outline: Lesson 1: Understanding email etiquette Why send an email? What is email etiquette? Formal Email? Informal email? Lesson 2: Email Form Subject line Salutations & Closings Font Paragraph spacing Signature Lesson 3: Email Content Writing Style Tone and Punctuation Enumerations Emoticons Attachments Lesson 4: Replying to emails Reply, Reply All, Forward Response Time Auto-reply Lesson 5: Specific Situations Emailing customers & colleagues Lesson 6: Common Mistakes Various Content types: cordial, personal, emotional, crowded, informal. Mistakes Lesson 7: Practice session Practice everything learned.

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Accent Reduction Course neutralizes your Accent Accent Reduction Course neutralizes your Accent

This course was developed on the basis of helping different ethnic groups to reduce their heavy accents. If you are looking to improve your job status, then this course can help you do so. Communication is key in any business venture and personal life. This course helps you to create a parallel in every aspect of your life. I have been running this course for 11 years and continue to have success upon success.  I have successfully reduced accents such as: Collard, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Cameroon, Zimbabwean, Zambian, Russian, Malawian, Madagascar, Afrikaans, French; English (England), American, Chinese, Taiwanese, Italian, Spanish, Rwanda etc. Allow me to help you achieve your goals with superb neutralizing communication skills!  

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Are you struggling with an Articulation Disorder? Are you struggling with an Articulation Disorder?

This is a speech disorder involving difficulties in articulating specific types of sounds. Articulation disorders often involve substitution of one sound for another, slurring of speech, or indistinct speech. This hampers you being able to communicate, get your message across and even inhibiting you form getting that sought after promotion. I will be able to provide treatment that will eliminate the disorder. I have had numerous success stories in the 11yrs of presenting this course.

Accent Softening Cou, Accent Softening Les, Biebie Productions, Elocution Lessons, English Literature, Help With Presentati R3,045.00 ZAR
Edu-Vision Academic Centre in Strand. Edu-Vision Academic Centre in Strand.

EDU-VISION ACADEMIC CENTRE IN DE BEERS ROAD, STRAND, WESTERN CAPE. Is your child not reaching his / her full academic potential? Look no further! A qualified tutor ( NDip, BTech, PGCE )and life coach with years of experience offers personalised attention and support for the home scholar. An unique concept of providing the students with quality tutorials in a relaxed and affirming environment while developing a relationship with their tutor to maximise the learning experience. Who will benefit: Learners needing a smaller focused learning area Learners needing a more stimulating and innovative environment Learners who struggle in main stream schooling. Learners with attentional problems Support in English and Afrikaans. CAPS aligned curriculum supplied by Impaq. Academic support from Impaq. GED TESTING PREPARATION  GED Tutor  Gr. 7 - 12. Open: Mon - Fri 08:00 till 13:00. Contact : 0835740084

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