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Llamas/Alcapas For Sale whatsapp +27734531381 Llamas/Alcapas For Sale whatsapp +27734531381

Llamas for sale,we currently have a large number of males and female llamas for available for sale ranging from pregnant females,young females cria and both entire and castrated males,all our llamas are fully vaccinated, micro-chip, registered, halter and lead trained.note that trekking llamas will be fully trained and take note that we don't trained female llamas for trekking.if you are interested in purchasing a llama,please fell free to contact us for further details.we have various types of Llamas such as gelded halter and lead trained male, Female with Cria at foot. Prices will vary depending upon a number of factors including, conformation, color, fiber quality, size, character and levels of training (obviously a good fully trek or pack trained male will cost more than an untrained male). We also provide generous discounts for customers purchasing several llamas. If you ever see a llama which looks like it is not being treated and cared for correctly and has no or insufficient food, water or shelter, please give us a call and we will do our best to advise on the course of actions you should take.We are happy to assist in the legal rescue, transportation and re-homing of any llamas in south Africa found to be in a distressed state regardless of the distance of travel involved.for more details, please feel free to call Call/Whatsapp: +27 73 453 1381 Website:

Alcapa For Sale, Alcapas For Sale, Livestock For Sale, Llama For Sale, Llamas For Sale, Llamas For Sale Onli R0.00 ZAR
Camels for sale whatsapp +27734531381 Camels for sale whatsapp +27734531381

300 weaner bull camels for sale. 7-9 months old. Yard trained. Approx 200kg. They’ve been off Mum since the beginning of March. Additional 10 mature cull bull for sale. 8yrs old, 600kg plus. Transport can be arranged for an additional reasonable fee to cover fuel and expenses. Call/Whatsapp: +27 73 453 1381 Website:

Bull Camel For Sale, Bull Camels For Sale, Camel For Sale, Camel For Sale Onlin, Camels For Sale, Livestock For Sale R0.00 ZAR
Boran Heifers / Boran Bulls whatsapp +27832458210 Boran Heifers / Boran Bulls whatsapp +27832458210

Boran Heifers and Boran Bulls Call/whatsapp +27 83 245 8210 Selling At Farmers Price, Very Affordable!!! We have healthy Boran bulls and boran heifers The perfect breed for meat Have been vet examined and in perfect health conditions We provide transport as well CONTACT US: Call / Whatsapp: ... +27832458210 Email: ... Website: ...

Boral Calves, Boran Bulls, Boran Cattle, Boran Heifers, Cattle For Sale, Livestock For Sale R7,500.00 ZAR
Livestock, Poultry, Frozen Chicken, Ostrich Chicks Livestock, Poultry, Frozen Chicken, Ostrich Chicks

Livestock, Poultry, Frozen Chicken, Ostrich, Pigs & Animal Feed For Sale Whatsapp +27631521991 Welcome to Old Town Farms Pty Ltd Rearing Official Website To Order For Livestock and Ox Gallstone With over years' of experience in Cattle ranging dynamic dairy sector, Old Town Farms (Pty) Ltd® herself on providing a thorough, reliable and friendly service to the country's dairy farmers. Old Town Farms (Pty) Ltd® has been involved in the sale of Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein-Friesian, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn cattle breeds through private and auction sales. Cattle of all breeds – both dairy and beef – as well as Ostrich, Pigs, sheep and goats have been supplied for export to worldwide markets. Our team is experienced in the sale and purchase of livestock on behalf of clients across the world. boer goat for sale , sheep for sale , livestock for sale , cattle for sale , cow for sale , ostrich for sale , chicken for sale , ostrich chicks for sale , fertile eggs for sale , day old chicks for sale , pigs for sale , animal feed for sale , lucerne hay for sale Contact e-mails:=============== ( Whatsapp contact;============== +27 63 152 1991 visit our website:===============

Boer Goat For Sale, Cattle For Sale, Cow For Sale, Livestock For Sale, Ostrich For Sale, Sheep For Sale Make Offer