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Voice Over Course Voice Over Course

The job of a voice-over artist is to make the voices jump off the page. This course introduces you to various voice-over scripts which present different demands.   It is important that you identify the various voice-over scripts in order to approach them in a creative and intelligent manner, which satisfies the needs of the client.   Benefits: ·       & nbsp ; Skills to practice voice-over’s. ·<span style="font: 7.0pt 'Times New Roma

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Learn how to do voice overs? Learn how to do voice overs?

Maybe you've been told what a great voice you have or saw an article about being a voice talent or have a friend who's done it and wondered how you can do it too. Your voice is the engine that does all the work. If you have a long sentence, there is the danger of running out of breath, and that wouldn't be good. Which is why this course teaches you much more than just acting and performance styles. Mastering Voice-overs, concentrates on the most valuable asset any voice over artist can have—control of your vocal instrument. Discover the secrets of breathing and voice production that all top-flight professionals use to win their auditions and deliver effortless reads. Get introduced to the magic of ?Day Voice? And the relationship between voice development and career success. And, I'll also teach you how to dramatically improve your phrasing, ace your cold readings and how to sound fresh even on your twenty-second take.   SKYPE LESSONS AVAILABLE

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Voice Over Coaching Classes Voice Over Coaching Classes

You will need training and coaching to learn how to use your voice. Even if you're blessed with a silky smooth voice, you'll need to learn how to use your voice and how to deliver as wide a range of vocal styles as possible. Can you be serious? Whimsical? Can you do accents or dialects? Character voices? Can you raise your performance to another level? The more versatile you are, the more jobs you'll get. Your voice is your instrument and coaching will help you learn to play your instrument.   My course covers all the important aspects that pertain to being a voice over artist: Finding your voice and style. Finding the balance between natural speech and enunciation so that you can be larger than life. Knowing your material: textual analysis Standing when delivering which opens up breathing and allows you to be more animated. Voice health: your voice is your instrument. Writing and Simplifying a script makes it clearer and easier to understand too. Eliminating hesitation in the form of umm, ahh and uhh. Using modulation in Radio and TV Commercials regarding soft, medium and hard sell Breathing: practice taking silent breaths, working the microphone to hide the breaths and pacing sentence delivery to conceal them. Practice, practice and practice

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